Internship Program

The Office of Internal Audit typically has one student intern on staff during each academic year (fall and spring semesters).  We look for highly capable juniors, seniors, or graduate students, typically majoring in Accounting.  Other relevant majors (such as Business or Information Security) may also be considered.  We look for students with exceptional grade point averages, but also with diverse leadership, communications, and community service experiences.

Our intern works on a part-time basis, around 15 hours per week, performing the duties of an entry-level internal auditor under the supervision of full-time auditors.  Our goal is to provide valuable professional experience to the intern, which will be applicable in his or her future career endeavors.  We believe this is a challenging and rewarding experience for the right student.  Here is what our current and past interns have to say…




Samuel Olivares, MSA

Sam earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in May 2023 and a Master’s Degree in Accounting in May 2024.

“This experience has been an amazing opportunity to learn about the value that internal audit brings to the university while being able to develop skills that are important in an auditor’s career. The hands on experiences were beneficial to learn from and have assisted me with developing new skills that I will be able to use in my professional career.”




Abby Baukema, MSA

Abby graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in May 2022 and a Master’s Degree in Accounting in May 2023. Following her graduation, she continued to work with us as a temp employee through August 2023.

“This position allowed me to obtain invaluable professional internal audit experience and use my education from ECU to make the university a better place. This internship sparked my interest in a career in the internal audit field. I have gained a deeper understanding of ECU and internal audit that I would not have without this internship.”



Drew Hill, CPA

Drew graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in May 2020 and a Master’s Degree in Accounting in June 2021.

“Working as an intern for Internal Audit has generated an abundance of beneficial insight regarding auditing and the University. Anyone who is looking for a great opportunity at developing professionally and personally would truly enjoy this role.”







Philip Unger, CPA

Philip graduated with a Master’s Degree in Accounting in May 2020 and worked in a position at KPMG in Washington, DC following graduation.

Words from Philip about his Internal Audit experience:

“My experience working as an intern in the Office of Internal Audit has been nothing short of great. The experience working on consults has been invaluable. I have learned things about the University and how the audit world functions that I would have no other way of knowing. I see the lessons learned and experience gained as the stepping stones for my career and appreciate the opportunity. I highly recommend it to any other accounting students that might come along and are interested in a career in auditing, whether that be public or internal.”



Rachel Eker, CPA

Rachel moved to Jacksonville, Florida after graduating Summa Cum Laude with an Accounting and Finance concentration. She went on to the University of North Florida to obtain her Masters of Accountancy. While there she served as a part-time Internal Auditor for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and worked as a Graduate Assistant for UNF’s Compliance Office. After Grad school she began working for an accounting firm in Jacksonville and earned the CPA credential.

Words from Rachel about her ECU Intern experience:

“Being an intern at ECU’s Office of Internal Audit helped me build the skills and confidence needed to be a successful young professional. Additionally, having experienced auditors as mentors and teachers strengthened my interest in Internal Audit as a career path.”



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